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Here at panel sampling we always focus for creating goodwill in the Market Research and provide the best quality data for the analysis from the filed with the help of different method of research.

Panel sampling team of sampling experts works hard with you to develop the "right" sampling plan to match the specific objectives of each project. Most importantly, we are always available to take your calls, answer your emails, and ensure that your project is executed flawlessly.


We do most of the Quantities surveys and customer questionnaires which can help small firms to improve their products and services by enabling them to make informed decisions.

Qualitative studies are generally exploratory in nature and involve small sample sizes. Unlike quantitative research, questions are more loosely structured in order to promote discussion. We often use qualitative research to help our clients understand the reasoning behind someone's decision to buy (or not buy) a particular product or service. This research approach can also be used to explore-or even to generate-new ideas for products and services. These types of studies allow us to ask probing questions to both identify the factors that drive purchase behavior and to understand why the factors are important. The following is a list of some of the types of qualitative studies we conduct:

Online Panel Sampling

Your survey is solid might be difficult to target, but now you need responses. Panels Sampling makes it easy to get your study in the field and get completes at the earliest required. Weather your target respondent is Cardiologist , Pharmacist , Consumer , Business professional , Student , Nurse, Moms of baby , consumer of FMCG good we are here to help you with the getting the survey done by the targeted respondent. Online panels have had a significant impact on the market research industry over the past decade. That said, social media is changing the game. Sites like Facebook and Linkedin have seen massive adoption and their stickiness – the amount of time consumers spend on them – will continue to grow.

Focus Group

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research that is used most often in product marketing and marketing research. During a focus group, a group of individuals – usually 6-12 people – is brought together in a room to engage in a guided discussion of some topic.

Let’s say that you are thinking of introducing a new product to the marketplace. You either invented something brand new or made a change to an existing product and you want to get some feedback on the product before you invest a great deal of time and money manufacturing it. A focus group would be a great option for you to introduce the product and get feedback from several people at one time. This is the most accurate data which is collected from the focus group.

Telephones Survey

The interviewer asks questions by telephone and records answers on a computer. CATI automates the interviewees calls, the recall in case of absence and checks quota.

Advantages of conducting Telephonic Interview.
  • Quick.
  • No geographical constraint: CATI applies well to the broad geographic zones.
  • Technical reliability.

Limits of conducting Telephonic Interview.
  • Some target cannot be reached by CATI.
  • No visualization possibility.
  • Certain sensitive subjects must be avoided.

Geography Coverage

At panel sampling we have a coverage to do online research in the below mentioned country.

India Indonesia South Korea China
Brazil Colombia Thailand Malaysia
Belarus Bangladesh Singapore Hong Kong
Egypt Iran Philippines New Zeland
Iraq Saudi Arabia Vietnam Burma
Yemen U.A.E Burial Taiwan
Syria Israel Nepal Pakistan
Jordan Lebanon Sri Lanka Algeria
Oman Qatar Mexico Chile
Kuwait Bantain Italy Russia
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